Unsung Hero

Personal Profile

Our Unsung Hero cannot be identified. Nor can his country be named, for reasons of security, his personal safety and that of his family. His country has been decimated by war, drought, famine, bad political decisions, and corruption. He is a married man in middle age, with children. He is an ordained pastor.

Our servant leader has been active in uplifting and encouraging communities and caring for orphaned children for nearly three decades. He has persevered through the most unbelievably difficult circumstances and continues to make the welfare of the children his prime focus

Project Profile

We seek to ensure that every orphaned child is placed in a safe, loving and caring family environment where they will be fed, clothed, schooled and housed. Most importantly, they must be valued as human beings.

The work operates in five different localities which are hundreds of kilometres apart. Nearly eleven hundred children are cared for. The aim is to make this work self-sufficient as far as possible, and in this respect great progress has been made over the last decade.


Immediate Needs

Funding for further boreholes is needed. Cost per borehole R96 000.

Funding to cover clothing and schooling of the children. R30 000 p.a.

Funding for food shortage not covered by our farming R7500/month

Vehicle and transport costs R2000/month


Farmland has been acquired where staple crops are produced. Boreholes have been drilled and vegetable growing projects established in three of the locations. Children are being taught the value of food production. Teachers continue to teach in spite of receiving no pay from the government.

We are confident that this work is making a significant impact on the communities and on the country as a whole.