Isaac Obwocha

Personal Profile

Isaac, with his wife Jane and helpers, has been caring for orphans in Kenya for more than a decade. Isaac resides in the village of Ogembo, in Kisii province, Kenya, which is about twenty kilometres from the shores of Lake Victoria.

Isaac’s work with orphans began when the local police brought two very young children, whose parents had been killed, and asked him and Jane to take care of them. They took them into their home and cared for them and loved them as their own children. Soon more children were added until their home was no longer able to accommodate them.

Isaac and his helpers were offered the use of a vacant school building which could comfortably provide space for all the children. The numbers grew to over two hundred.

Project Profile

In the middle of 2020 Isaac received notice to vacate the school building by year end. By this stage Pro-Vision International were well engaged with Isaac and his staff implementing their M Cubed strategy, – Mentoring, Management, and Money.

A decision was made to build a children’s home on a piece of land provided by the local council. At the time, no finance was available. The children’s safety was paramount. A local architect was engaged. The land was surveyed and the work began.

Isaac’s vision is to raise these rescued children in a loving, caring family environment where they will learn that they are valued, and in time can make a difference in their community. The beautiful family home built for them confirms that truth.

Messiah For Kenya Children’s Home is registered with the Kenyan authorities as a Charity. Registration number DED/GCA/SHG/109A/2015.

Immediate Needs

Funds to complete the building and settle with the building materials supplier and the contractor. This amounts to approximately R420000.

Ongoing monthly support to help cover housing, schooling and feeding of the orphans. R4400/month.


Shortly after the foundations were dug the funds began to come in. The contractor and the building materials supplier both considered themselves partners in the project. They worked long hours and gave extended credit to move the project forward.

Due to delays with the funding the building was not completed by the 2020 year end deadline. Members of the community offered to take the children into their homes until the construction project was ready for occupation.

As of July 2021, the project is very close to completion with the floors still to be tiled, windows glazed, doors fitted, and painting to be done.