National Freedom Network

 Marina Reyneke

Personal Profile

A decade ago when founder and former CEO Diane Wilkinson learned about Human Trafficking, having just returned to South Africa, she felt compelled to get involved in fighting this gross violation of human rights, in her home nation. The fact that other people were experiencing loss of dignity, freedom and life for others’ profit, greed and gain did simply not sit right with her.

Counter-Trafficking was a relatively new field in the country, and after spending a year on the ground, she and two friends joined together to start the National Freedom Network (NFN). They had noticed how disconnected this multi-disciplinary field was, and realized that through strategic and intentional networking, tangible change was indeed possible. Today the NFN is over 100 members strong and consists of organisations, individual activists and small businesses across South Africa that partner closely with Government to tackle Human Trafficking.

Project Profile

The National Freedom Network is a network of counter human trafficking role players around South Africa.  Our aim is to empower, equip and encourage those in the field by being a point of connection, a channel of communication and network for collaboration.  We act as a link between civil society and government ensuring that the interaction between the sectors allows for the flow of communication, the sharing of information, resources and best practices. We are strategically positioned as a member of the National Intersectional Committee for Trafficking in Persons.

We are also a Support Centre serving the network and in practice this includes counselling, debriefing, mentoring, encouraging, listening and praying for many individuals within the network.  We provide support to members, survivors and safe houses.

We encourage and champion research in the field, and act as gatekeeper to the Network prior to research being done. Prevention & Awareness is an ad hoc function which we provide upon request.  However, we aim to refer the public to our members who focus on awareness raising. Our policy (re)formation programme focuses on coordinating wider Network input into any field-related policies or legislation that is up for review or comment or advocating for change where necessary.

Immediate Needs

Operations Manager monthly wages R13 965

Survivor support: Intern program monthly stipend (for one intern) R4655

Sector Specific Training of frontline officials (per 4-day in-person session for 35 – 40 people) R 33 000

Sector Specific Training of frontline officials (per 4-day virtual session for 35 – 40 people) R 11305


We believe that networking is one of the most strategic responses to Human Trafficking.  After many years of bridging the gap by building this phenomenal network and establishing credibility we are in a phase where we want to see how we can be more deliberate in using the Network to organically relate to one another.

We are currently transitioning to an Online Community Platform which will result in a stronger, better resourced and more inter-connected collective more effective and a sustainable force for good to eradicate human trafficking.  We have a diverse unified network and together we are a thriving community.

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