A medical outreach in partnership with Crossroads United Methodist Church from Pennsylvania has been in effect in the Licilo and Makeze areas for several years now.  7 different villages received training and materials, and copies of the book “Where there is no Doctor” in Portuguese. After this, the health facilitators are given follow up training, medicines and materials and training for Community Bible Study in their communities. Many adults also receive audio Bibles.

Further Bible training and mosquito net distribution, as well as training with regard to the treatment of nets with pesticides, and the best ways to avoid malaria was the  focus during the follow up training. 2015 saw an additional wonderful focus on the provision of potable water through the expansion of existing natural ponds, as well as the digging of boreholes (tube wells) where feasible with accessible sweet ground water.  Prayer ministry from house to house is also an important aspect of this.