We are feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a few days’ rest and an excellent outreach. We went last week, with some friends from Living Word and other churches in Pretoria and 3 Mozambican colleagues, to the remote village of Hungatane, in the district of Nalazi.

What a blessing to be able to share the gospel and see folk saved, healed and set free, and also to encourage the pastoral couple, Sergio and Jordina, the local church leaders and the new believers in the discipleship / Community Bible Study groups in this area.We were so humbled and challenged at the new believers’ passion for Jesus – to ‘seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness …’  The group of 4 believers from villages 40km away from the parent church where we we held the training, left home at midnight and walked till morning, to be sure they would arrive in time.

Lord, forgive us for only serving You when it feels convenient – help us ‘take up our cross daily…

for You are worthy !

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A Photographic glimpse of the outreach

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The joy of seeing folk come to Christ was our highlight this month ! As Paul reminds us in 1 Cor 3:16 (I sowed, Apollos watered … but God has provided the increase …’) this was the culmination of many people’s sacrificial giving and ministry, over a number of months – most importantly the Pioneer evangelists Armando Udaka and Mufundisi Ngovene, walking 20 km from Kukumuka to evangelize and minister to health needs of the remote Hungatane and Mahlamala village folk over a period of 18 months, as well as through the recent showing of the Jesus film, the love of Christ shown by the local Mozambican evangelists and the visiting team, and the personal sharing of testimonies and teaching from God’s word. The faithful, slow but steady teaching of God’s truth in these places by only barely literate local Community Bible study leaders, played the biggest role. What a privilege to be a part of God’s great family – the body of Christ working together for His glory. Praise God for 2 thriving new groups of believers, in these remote areas, who have broken ties with witchcraft, burning their fetishes, where a couple of years ago, no Christians at all lived !  Praise God for the love of Christ shown practically through Child-to-Child ministry, Blankets given to Community Bible Study leaders and needy elderly folk, as well as food parcels and medicines for the evangelists.  PRAISE GOD  for the funding from Living Word partnering with us, and for the back-breaking hard work of Charl and Mark, and the local church people – managing to roof the locally built Hungatane church, as well as welding the roof trusses needed for the roof of the large parent church in Makeze which will seat over a thousand people ! 

Well done to Pastor Sergio and Jordina, and the American and South African churches who have helped to make their God-dream a reality. Praise God for the miraculous written permission now received,  to bring in medicines for these needy medical evangelists in these remote areas ! Praise God for over a thousand lives impacted or saved through the work of the medical evangelists to date !  Praise GOD for the favour from the Chief of the Locality who is VERY MUCH open to us coming back in August with a small team of Mozambican colleagues to train teachers for this village and one other, where the children are more than 20 km away from a government school. How amazing that a government leader is inviting Pastor Sergio to go to this new remote village, and plant a church and school !

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Orphan Prayer needs

The children are doing well, but need particular prayer for protection and health during the long summer vacation staying with community members and family in the villages (They return to school on 15 Aug).  Pray for Malaquias to get into Med School for next year. Praise God for his sponsor in the States !  Pray that he and the other High School kids pass their last term exams well.  Praise God for food and sponsorship so that the kids could go home with some food support for their hosts.  Please keep praying for the monthly finance for the orphan feeding and schooling needs.  Praise God for some funds to build a second one-room hut for Helena and care Giver Isabel, at Kaya ka Tatana.  She is growing up fast, making this essential. If anyone has a 2nd hand computer, the secondary school children are needing Computer access more and more.

Pioneer Church planting and Medical evangelism

Pray for true repentance from witchcraft, open minds and miraculous literacy ability for those in the rural Community Bible Studies.  Pray for the next community Bible Study leaders training which will be done for leaders in Ziahle and Mavuiane villages, straight after the teacher training in August.  Similar challenges of literacy face all these village groups.  Pray for more audio Bibles and for us to be able to record the Bible Study and Discipleship materials with discussion questions, to be added to the Audio Bible sd cards. Pray for many more sponsorships for these audio Bibles, and also for more Bibles towards our goal of TEN THOUSAND BIBLES by next January.   Pray for funding for the medicines for the 9 villages, now that we have permission to help in this way.  Two weeks ago, a child died because the Makeze hospital had no medicine, and so malaria was treated with paracetamol.  Medicines often go astray in the Government health care system, landing on the black market.

Rural Pre-schools and literacy

Pray for the teacher training of low literacy but committed Christians from the local communities, as well as the right ‘Missionary Short term support teacher’ from Xai Xai, who can go out to the villages for two weeks each month in order to model and help the fledgeling teachers, whose own education will be a challenge at first.  With God NOTHING is impossible ! Pray for funds for the support teacher. (Travel costs and a subsidy each month)

Child Protection Curriculum

Pray for the 9 lesson Portuguese curriculum Les has written / adapted for Protective Behaviour for children (protecting children from trafficking and abuse) to be rolled out by the Government wellfare and Education Departments in every First Grade classroom in the country. Pray even more for the funds to develp, record and broadcast these 9 lessons in the form of Evangelical radio plays and a TV animation, in Portuguese and Changana. We already have funding to print the first 2000 booklets, have the first draft of the radio plays recorded, and have a contact in an animation studio in Johannesburg who is very excited about helping us to do the television animations, using real life coconut and mandioca puppets.  May God use this tool for protecting children and reaching them for Jesus, to HIS GLORY.